About Yours Truly

I am a many-faced, mystical, unfocused mad woman, who doesn’t like talking about herself. ..much. 

I’ve secretly been a writer my whole life. It was so secret,  that I didn’t even know it myself. I’m here to find my voice. 

Since I have more questions than answers, my posts may be more investigative than informative; learning happens along the way.

I have lots of kids who keep me ever-engaged in our ever unsure life. I’m trying to figure out the whole parenting thing.

I’m a proud Wisconsinite  and I literally hug trees. 

I give myself a tarot reading every morning and hope to someday do readings to help other people. It’s legit awesome,  don’t scoff.

I’m a devotional polytheist; a heathen with no tribe…yet. Aspiring Druid and Mystic. Lover of all things Hindu. 

I’ve been sewing, crafting and diy’n my whole life because if you want something,  you better get to makin’ it, is what my ma taught me. 

Books are my favorite things in the ENTIRE world. (More than my kids? Maybe.)

I’m human, just like you…but I fantasize that one day I will find out that I’m actually am alien. 

Yours Truly,

ElleDee ❤